Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh-So Important Girl Time

Even before kids, but especially afterward, it's important for a girl to spend quality time with her girlfriends.  For me, it happens on a regularly scheduled basis, one night a week.  Our group is made up of six girls, and four kiddos with two more coming in July.  It's such a wonderful time that is spent just hanging out.  The kids play for a while, and then head off to bed to give us time to ourselves. 

We make delicious food, and always make sure it's followed with a good cup of coffee and dessert.  I girl's night isn't complete without coffee and dessert ;)

Recently I realized that I have no photos from the time we spend together each week.  So last week I remembered to bring my camera and snapped a a bunch of photos.  Here is what my girls night looks like.

I hope every one of you has the opportunity to spend time with as great of friends as I have :)

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