Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Girl time, warmer weather, and possible diaper solution

Last night I got to go out for coffee with one of my best friends.  Monday nights are when we get to go out kidless.  Our favorite place to go is Barnes & Noble.  We love reading magazines, along with partaking in the delicious Starbucks coffee.  Last night we didn't move from our table for almost 4 hours.  We talked, caught up on all the celebrity gossip, and even worked on some shower decorations we are throwing for a friend. 

Anytime Eric asked about what we do, he is usually stunned by my answer.  "4 hours?!  What could you possibly have to talk about for 4 hours?!"  And that is actually one thing we talked about last night.  We talked about how therapeutic it can be to spend so much time just talking with someone we're close with.  And it's okay if Eric doesn't understand.  I cherish that time so much, that no amount of disbelieve will make me enjoy it any less.

I checked the weather today, and it says it's supposed to be 66 degrees.  Man oh man, does that make me excited.  The only downside is that it's also supposed to rain all day.  Rain or not, it's warming up and we are all too eager for it to do so.  Time to break out the t-shirts!

Oh, and I visited our local clothe diaper store and got some advice about what to do about the boys.  I now have to double up on the inserts that go inside their diaper covers.  There are a couple of other options too, but this one won't cost me anything so I figured it was best to start there.  The poor boys though.  They are used to having giant butts when they go to bed, but now a big booty will be a staple.  But as long as it keeps momma happy, and sane, right?

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