Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Baxter's Birthday Recap

So, Sunday was Baxter's first birthday and we had a little party with our families to celebrate.  It was a beautiful day, so we grilled and ate outdoors.  Almost as soon as we arrived, Baxter was off.  He decided that he wanted to go and explore my parents garden.

Since Baxter was all alone for a while, Bella decided she would step in and be his protector.  How sweet, huh?  She's loves him a lot, even though sometimes it doesn't seem like it.

Then Baxter's uncle came out to play.  My brother is pretty big, but he seems so much bigger sitting next to Baxter.  And Baxter ends up seeming so tiny.

He played with a ball that was in the yard for a while, and then decided that it was time to eat, so he went back to the patio.

Like I said, we grilled out and it was delicious.  Everyone contributed to the feast, so there was a lot off food to go around.  And a lot of food left over.

Once we were finished eating, it was cake time!  My mother-in-law brought some party hats so they were passed around and a few people wore them.  Atticus didn't seem to like the party hat too much.

Honestly, I was pretty anxious to see him eat his cake.  Mostly just to see what his reaction would be.  He stuffed it in at first, but actually ended up spitting a lot of it out.  It made me smile a little inside to see that :)  I was nervous that the kid would be instantly addicted to sweets, but thankfully, he seems to prefer bananas.

Atticus ended up getting pretty jealous of Baxter getting to eat cake.  This is how we found him afterward.

Apparently to him, a swing railing looks about as delicious as a piece of cake.

Once Baxter was cleaned up, he opened a few presents and then was pretty much asleep by the time he hit the crib mattress.  It was a pretty exciting, and somewhat overwhelming day being showered with sugar and gifts.  Eric and I both agree that birthdays are only going to become more fun as the boys get older.  It's our hope that although we may not spend a small fortune throwing a party, we can make our kids feel special and do things to make them feel that way.  Because you know what?  We just love our kiddos to pieces.  And we're going want to celebrate their part in our family each and every year.

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