Saturday, May 28, 2011

Discovering New Talents

I am loving where the boys are at, age-wise.  They just get SUPER excited anytime they discover something new they can do.  And then they like to do it over, and over, and over...well, you get the idea.  Most times this is very entertaining, and other times, it's less.  Like when Atticus realized he can touch and change our stereo.  Fun for him, not for me.  But now I find the kid scooting over there constantly.  Hopefully he'll find something new soon.

Last week, though, was a real treat.  I gave the boys spoons to chew on, trying anything and everything to help with their teeth.  Anyway, they soon discovered that they can hold the spoon in their mouth without using their hands.  This "new talent" was very entertaining.  See.

We had such a blast watching them.  I think they would have stopped earlier if we didn't think it was so funny.  But eventually they got over it and decided to go back to just gnawing on the spoons.

I need to start keeping pictures like these around the house.  Seeing the just makes me smile, and I need that sometimes on more challenging days.

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