Friday, May 27, 2011

Weekend Getaway

Our 5-year anniversary is next week, but Eric and I weren't going to do anything, except maybe dinner or something small.  But this week, Eric expressed to me that he was feeling pretty exhausted lately and would really like to get away this weekend.  His mom offered to watch the boys all weekend, but we originally only accepted for one night.  After talking with his mom, we now will be childless for two whole nights.  This is a pretty big deal, since we haven't been childless for more than a night since before the boys came home.  I can't lie, I'm just a little nervous.

Oh, you want to know where we're going?  Chicago :)

We love this city.  It's not too far (about three hours), but far enough to really disconnect from the day-to-day stuff.  We will only be spending Saturday night there, but it will be a wonderful night indeed.  We don't have anything planned, so we can make decisions based on how we're feeling.  We may shop a while, or have lunch in Millennium Park, see a movie or just spend the whole time in our PJs.  Who knows.  I am a major planner, so I'm going to try and just "go with the floor" (whatever that means, I don't really know), because I know Eric especially needs a relaxing weekend.  And that's the nice thing about going to Chicago.  We've been there enough that it's pretty familiar, and there's no pressure to "see the sights."

So tonight we will be dropping off the kiddos, and then heading to dinner and a movie with friends.  And then tomorrow we will head to Chi-town.  Not sure what time we'll be leaving, but I'll make sure our drive involves Starbucks, oh course.  It can't be considered a road trip without at least one stop.

And here's a photo from the last time we were there.  It's actually been a while.

Any fun weekend plans for you?  It seems like Memorial weekend is either super relaxing or full of projects.  I don't think I've ever heard of someone doing both.

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