Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another Year Equals Five

It's weird, because I feel like I just wrote this post.  But it's been an entire year.  Crazy.  I guess I can assume it feels so recent because of all that has happened in the last year.  Mainly, the addition of our two kiddos.  Usually, the feeling of being married for longer or shorter than we actually are changes depending on the situation or mood I'm in.  But now, it only seems like we've been married for longer than five years.  I guess it seems that way, since we've done so much already.

Yes, we've done a lot.  Experienced a lot of things, had our fair share of fun times and fights.  But we're still here, and we are more in love than the day we got married.  It's interesting to think back to when we first got married and our idea of how life would go.  It definitely didn't go as we had originally planned, but life is so good for us.

We wouldn't choose to be anywhere else in the world, than right here in our little house with our two little boys.  But it's a far cry from where we started.

We didn't know exactly where things were going to go when we first started dating, but it didn't take long until we were confident in our love for each other.

And now we're here; five years, and two kids later.  Five years ago, I could have told you how I imagined our life would be in after this long, but now, I don't think I could even begin.  So much can happen in the next five years, it's hard to even imagine. I have no idea of where we'll be, but I know we'll be together and that there will be at least two little boys tagging along.

So, here's to the unknown, the adventure that awaits, and to the next five years.

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