Saturday, June 4, 2011

Friday Night at Festival

Every year, our city puts on a festival for art.  And not just paintings, there's live music, dance performances, and lots and lots of food, in addition to more tradition art.  I have always loved going down, but hadn't really thought about it for this year.  With the boys eating and nap schedules, it makes it a little more difficult to spend a lot of time there.  But then I found out my mom was singing in her church choir.  So Eric and I headed down last night to see her perform. 

I absolutely LOVE where we live.  We aren't right downtown, but we're only a 20 minute walk away.  The best park about that is the fact that we don't have to worry about parking.  This festival is the biggest the city puts on each year.  The streets are just packed with people, and when you're pushing a double wide stroller, you pretty much move at a snail's pace.

But we made it, and even had time for my mom to show off her grand-babies to her fellow choir members.  We slipped out just as the performance was ending in order to get the boys home.  It was already past their bedtime. 

Even though it was a short trip, I love walking downtown and I love going to things like festival.  Eric and I are opposite in that way.  I like crowds, he doesn't.  But he's a good sport.  We have to go back down again this afternoon.  Eric's sister is dancing with her studio.  I think she's danced the last four years and we haven't missed it, and were aren't going to start now.

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