Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Pictures of the Kiddos

When it comes to taking photos, I definitely go in spurts.  There will be a week or so of constant photo-taking and then a week or two lull.  Well, I am trying to get myself out of the lull and into taking more photos.  This weekend, I picked up my camera and forced myself to snap some pictures of the boys.  One was more cooperative than the other.

This was Atticus most of the time.

And this was Baxter.

Since they are now both on the move, I have to watch out for a lot more mischief.  They both were getting into things they shouldn't.  Baxter has decided to try and touch the fan, while it's on.  Whereas Atticus has become obsessed with pushing buttons on our stereo.

After being told not to touch the fan a bi-zillion times, Baxter some how got himself in the walker.  At first he thought it was pretty cool.  He kept trying to reach other toys while in it.

But then he realized he couldn't get out.  This obviously made him very distraught.  He then moved on to pleading for help.

While Baxter entertained himself in the walker, Atticus and I decided to practice.  Practice his senior photos that is.

 After so much picture-taking, Atticus got pretty tired, and needed to rest his head for a little bit.

So as nap time approached, the camera went away.  But not before one last photo.  They sure so love them some Baby Einstein.

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