Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Wears

This weekend was busy and HOT.  Am I trying not to complain about the heat, and appreciate its polar opposite-ness from winter.  And I actually went swimming this weekend.  I haven't swam in a long time, but it was nice.  And the boys loved it too, especially Atticus.  He was in his glory.

On Friday, we went downtown to Festival of the Arts.  My mom was singing with her choir, and we thought we'd lend our support.  It wasn't unbearably hot, but still quite warm.  My favorite part was walking there.  It was such a nice walk, and parking would have been really difficult.

Saturday was definitely the hottest day this weekend.  Even first thing in the morning was muggy.  I just hate humidity.  It makes a hot day ten times worse.  Saturday afternoon we walked back downtown.  Eric's little sister was dancing with her studio and we always like to see her perform.  That evening we had a bunch of people over for a cookout to celebrate our good friends' second kiddo, who's due to arrive next month.  Despite the heat, it was a very enjoyable day.

Sunday is probably my favorite day of the weekend.  We don't always do a lot of work, and take the day to relax.  Yesterday was no different.  Eric and I ate breakfast and had coffee on the deck as the boys napped.  Then we headed to my parent's house (this is where I swam).  Yesterday evening, we partook in our weekly movie with Eric's brother and a bunch of friends.  We watched this 80's movie called The Fly with Jeff Goldblum.  It was oddly creepy.  But that can also be attributed to the fact that I hate flies.

All in all, it was such a good weekend.  I spent a decent amount of time outside.  Got myself a bit burned, but that usually doesn't take too much.  I'm hoping that I can keep this up and actually get some color this year.  I don't generally use the word "tan" since it's something I'll never be.  Just trying to be realistic.

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