Monday, July 11, 2011

For Your Entertainment

***My goodness, what is up with Blogger?!  I scheduled this to post on Saturday, checked it this morning, and it never posted.  Now it's saying it was a draft.  Stupid.  But, since today is going to be pretty busy for me, I'll accept this pre-written post***

Today is going to be a busy, but oh-so fun day.  I have a bridal shower this morning, followed by lunch and a thrifting adventure with friends, and to end the night, a date night with my mister.  So hopefully there will be lots of post about, but today I don't have anything exciting.

But I do have a a cute little video of Baxter from yesterday.  We have this toy that is shaped like an egg, and has beads inside.  When you shake it, he "dances."  More like he bounces, but it's still cute.  And his excitement about it is just contagious.

Jump, Jump, Jump from Teresa Johnson on Vimeo.

Well, I'm off!  Have a super weekend!

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