Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weekend Wears

This past weekend was a combination of mellow and relaxed, and then busy.  On Friday, Eric had to work super early, so we just stayed in and watched a movie.  I like having nights when we go out, but nights spend together at home are just as good to me.

T-shirt: H & M  /  Shorts: J Crew  /  Scarf: Gifted from India

Saturday was totally different.  I had a bridal shower in the morning, lunch with friends, thrifting in the afternoon, and dinner, a movie and coffee with Eric to end the night.  It was such a fun day, but it was fun in a different way than Friday.

Dress: Target

Sunday was pretty typical for us.  Muffins and coffee for breakfast, dinner with family and a movie with friends.  Sunday mornings are probably one of my favorite times of the week, because we never plan anything and are able to just spend the morning as a family.

Tank: H & M  /  Skirt: Thrifted

Next weekend is one of the first weekends we don't have anything planned, but I know that won't last long.  With our luck, we'll probably end up being busier than usual.

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