Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our Trip Up North - Part 1

On Saturday morning, Eric, the boys and I headed up north to my family's cabin to spend the weekend.  It was the boys' first time there, and it was pretty crazy seeing my boys play in the same yard that I have so many childhood memories of.  One of my favorite things to do there when I was a kid was riding on the go-cart, although, let me clarify that this go-cart was built from scratch with scrap material and only goes about 3 mph.  But as a kid, it was the funnest thing to be able to drive a moving "vehicle."

Atticus wasn't to keen about the whole experience, but Baxter wanted to go again as soon as the ride ended.  He kept doing the sign for "more please," indicating he wanted more rides.  It was pretty cute.

Have you ever done something from your childhood with your children?  It's a pretty weird experience, I think.  But I am so excited for next summer, and the following summers when they'll run and play and make their own memories at a place where I have so many of my own.

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