Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our Trip Up North - Part 2

On Saturday afternoon of our cabin adventure, we were invited over to my dad's cousin's cottage while he was at a class reunion.  We weren't sure if we were going to take him up on his offer, but am I sure glad we did.  Right away, we jumped on the pontoon boat for a ride around the lake, but the water was so warm we decided to stop and swim right off the boat.

The boys absolutely LOVED riding on the pontoon boat and were really curious about the steering wheel and all the knobs.  My dad was so cute.  He let them explore, making sure they didn't strand us in the middle of the lake.

After our ride, the big boys (my dad, brothers and Eric) decided they wanted to fish, so my mom, brother Brian and I hung out with Bax & Atty on the beach.  Baxter and Atticus had their first run-in with frogs and had very different reactions.  Atty tried to put the frog in his mouth and Baxter ended up getting freaked out when it jumped out of his lap.  My brother, who caught the frogs for the boys, found the biggest tadpole I've ever seen.  It was pretty cool.

The weather was perfect, and we couldn't have enjoyed it more.  The boys were having so much fun, no matter what they were doing and I loved seeing them have so many "firsts."  It made me really excited for next summer already.  You can check out the boys' first go cart ride in Part 1.

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