Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekend Wears

I love long weekends, although they tend to throw me off a bit and I have a hard enough time remember what day it is already.  Friday night was date night this weekend, and it couldn't have come at a better time.  We have been so busy lately, that a night to ourselves was almost necessary.  We got dinner at one of my favorite places, a local tapas bar and we saw the movie Crazy, Stupid Love.  I felt a little funny sitting in the theater because Eric and I never see these kind of movies, but it was so good.  I would definitely recommend it!

Dress: Target // Belt: Thrifted // Sandals: Target

Saturday morning I took the boys to visit my parents while Eric had breakfast with colleagues about some potential travel.  After the boys' nap, we hung out around the house while Eric started a yard project, and then after dinner, we all took a walk to get ice cream.  The best place for ice cream near our house is about a 40 minute walk, but it's totally worth it. 

Top: UO // Tank: Target // Shorts: H & M // Shoes: Thrifted

On Sunday morning, I got up early and was ready for the day before the boys even woke up.  I am definitely a morning person and so it feels so good to be ready so early.  Eric even got up earlier than usual too, and we were able to enjoy an extra long morning as a family.

Then it was off to dinner with family, more yard work for Eric and a movie with friends.  We watched Arachnophobia, which I didn't appreciate because of my dislike hatred of spiders.  But I lived, and I even handled a couple spiders today, booyah. 

Top: Anthro // Jeans: BDG // Shoes: Thrifted

As you can tell from my previous outfits, the weather was really warm all weekend, despite being September.  But in true Michigan form, the temperature dropped 20 degrees overnight and fall showed up.  I can't deny that this made me super happy.

First thing in the morning, I took the boys to the gym but the power randomly went out on the whole block and instead left just after stretching.  Since we had to leave, we ran some errands and was back home by 10am.  Eric continued on his yard project and I spent nap time doing homework.  After nap time, we visited my family for dinner, Eric included this time.  Since it was so cool out, we even got to have a bonfire.  The only thing lacking, in my opinion, was a hot cup of cider.  Yum.

Top: Thrifted // Tank: Target // Jacket: UO // Jeans: William Rast // Boots: Aldo

It was a really enjoyable weekend, and another will start again so soon.  That's probably my favorite part about holiday weekends; the following week is short and another weekend arrives so quickly.  How was your holiday weekend?  Did you relax or work?

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