Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rooting for the Home Team

For as long as I've known Eric, he has loved the Detroit Lions, our NFL team.  Despite being a very, and I mean very, bad team, Eric's fandom has still prevailed.  Before the boys even came home he would talk about watching football with them and getting them Lions apparel.

This year, Eric's lifelong dream is coming true.  We are currently an undefeated team after five games, which after having a no-win season is pretty big time.  This winning streak has brought out all of the Lions apparel that currently fit the boys and Eric is constantly on the lookout for more.  So far we have two Detroit Lions pillow pets (courtesy of Uncle Christian), a onesie, a sweatshirt, and a windbreaker.  Despite this impressive amount of apparel, I have a feeling it's only the beginning and that the boys will be wearing blue, black and white every Sunday until February.

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