Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Wears

This weekend I was taken on a date, went to breakfast with my little family, spent time with friends and shared a delicious meal with my parents and brothers.  Overall, I'd say it was a good time indeed.  Friday, Eric and I went out on a date for dinner and a movie.  Then on Saturday morning, we took the boys out to breakfast at one of our favorite local restaurants.  It's just a few blocks from our house, so we were able to walk there too, which I love.  On Saturday evening, some friends came over for dinner.  The boys, meaning our husbands, played video games while Brook and I talked about kids halloween costumes (my kiddos and her little boy are going to be the Wonder Pets this year).

Sunday we had coffee and muffins, visited my family and watched a movie with friends.  It wasn't very different than an average Sunday for us, except that Eric and my mom couldn't watch the Lions play.  They are playing tonight, and Eric is actually going to be in Detroit at the game. I'm not an avid sports fan, but I know that that's a lot better than watching in on tv.

I hope your weekend was as great as mine.  The perfect combination between busy, fun filled and relaxing.  And the warm weather helped a little too :)

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