Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy One Month Post Valentines Day

A couple weeks prior to Valentines Day, my friend/neighbor/cousin Katy asked if we, me and a couple of mama friends, would want to do a Valentines Day themed photo shoot.  I jumped at the opportunity because, really, who wouldn't want to have cute pictures taken of their kids?

And if a kid is going to have his picture taken any time of the year, V Day is the best because it's almost guaranteed to involve some sort of sweet treat.

The first picture is all the "older" kiddos.  We also have three babies around six months that complete our little group.  These four have been play mates since my boys first arrived home.  They get to see each other at least one evening a week, sometimes more.  It has been so great having friends with kids.  I love to see their relationships grow the older they get and play dates are a great excuse to see my girlfriends!

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