Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Going a Little Postal

Yes, I mean I am going a little crazy.  About what you ask?  The postal system, what else!  Specifically, our mail carrier.  Be warned, the following is a little rant.

At our last house, I loved every mail carrier we had.  The boys and I would be sitting out front most warm days when the mail would be delivered, so we became familiar with the different people who delivered it.

At our house now, our mail carrier only delivers our mail when the conditions are perfect.  I first discovered this when I didn't shovel our front steps for a few days.  We had just moved in and never used the front door.  During those days our mail was never delivered, then, once we finally shoveled and our mail was finally delivered there were notes with lots of exclamation marks and underlines informing us that the steps weren't shoveled and it was dangerous (I won't get into the ridiculous thought process of writing notes you don't deliver until after the thing you want done is already done).  But something even worse happened just the other day.  We had a snow storm, and I worked all day at Eric's office so nothing was shoveled and our mail wasn't delivered (I wasn't surprised).  The next day I shoveled our steps and salted the sidewalk.  I didn't have time to shovel the sidewalks too, but it was pretty warm and I thought salt was help a lot.  Our mail was delivered with a note about the sidewalks (let me just say that people walk up and down our street all day without any incidents).  The following day I was going to shovel, but our mail carrier came much earlier than usual so I hadn't done it yet.

I watched him pull up in front of our house, get out, walk down our sidewalk but did not deliver our mail.  So, apparently our sidewalk wasn't too treacherous to walk on, but he doesn't like having to walk  on snowy sidewalks so our consequence was having our mail withheld.

So, it looks like my mail carrier is either a crotchety man or a child throwing a tantrum.  It's a hard choice.

Rant over.

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  1. That's kind of ridiculous! At least the snow is almost done.. maybe you'll get a new one by the time the snow comes around next year?